Content for Viral Sites and Online Magazines

We have a real passion for viral content, listicles, and articles for online magazines or entertainment sites. It’s something we have a LOT of experience in – and where our fun tone of voice truly shines. We know the importance of writing trending content at lightning speeds and can create content in as little as an hour! Browse through the services we offer for your online magazine or viral site. 

Starting from scratch?

Want to set up an online magazine or viral content site but have no idea where to start? Let us help you! With our years of experience in the industry, plus a darn amazing team of experts, we can help you set up your own viral site or online magazine. From building the website for you through to managing the content, we’ll take the project off of your hands for you. All you need to do is monetise! We can set up an entire viral site from as little as £300, and we offer a completely bespoke service.

Get in touch and let's discuss your ideas!

One-Hour News Story

Something trending and you need to get it covered quick? Opt for the One-Hour News Story service, and we’ll turn around an impeccable piece of content in an hour or less (during working hours). Each news story is around 400-words to appease good ol’ Google News and can come with an image or two if required. If you receive our Trending Topics newsletter, you can purchase your news story straight from there – or head here to send us your own news topic you want covered.

Lightning fast listicles and stories

We can offer same-day stories and listicles as part of our lightning fast services – and it’s something we truly excel at. Get a trending topic covered quickly to the highest standards in the viral industry. We know what gets people sharing and clicking next page, while also keeping things safe within advertiser guidelines. If you’re not in a rush, then we also offer cheaper options turned around within 2-3 working days. Check out our listicle and story options here.

On-Demand Content

Want your very own in-house content team, on tap, without all of the extra costs? This is where our On-Demand Content Packages come in super handy! Simply purchase however many words you want upfront – saving you a lot of money compared to one-off posts – and let us know what you want written, when. You’ll be given a dedicated account manager that you can contact at any point during the working day, to start working on a new content project. Your words don’t expire, and you’re not tied into anything. You can use the words as quickly or as slowly as you want. Check out how much you could save here.