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Wanna start a blog for your business or brand, but no idea where to start? Perhaps you already have a blog but you’re quickly running out of ideas? How many times can you write about the same thing, in different words, before people get bored? Have no fear, Gee Gee Media are here – and we’re feeling pretty generous. While there may be hundreds of free content calendars on the internet, we’ve decided to go one step further. We’ll personalise the heck out of your content calendar AND throw in some topic ideas, totally free. No strings attached (wahey)!

What is a content calendar?

“Coooooool, but what’s a content calendar and why do I need one?” that’s what we imagine some of you are saying right now. Okay, okay, let us explain. A content calendar is an awesome way to keep track of your…uh… content. Yeah, it really is that simple. Fill it with important dates in your industry or special events coming up for your business. Pack it to the rafters with all of the topics and ideas you can possibly think of. Schedule what you want to post and when; both on your blog and on your social media. Our clever document will then take the information from your ‘blogging schedule’ and pop it into your content calendar. How. Cool. Is. That?!

Let’s get personal!

As we said, you can find a ton of free content calendars on the internet but ours is a little bit special. We will customise it with your brand colours, logo, and other important information (such as company values, ethos, or tone of voice). Not only that, but because we are SUPER generous, we will also pop in some topic ideas for you too. Who needs to come up with new blog ideas when we’ll do it for you… For free?! Have a look at what the content calendar template looks like here – now imagine it with your colours, logo and packed with topics and ideas. Dreamy, huh?

What’s the catch?

“Eugh, do I have to sign up to some boring newsletter about content or something to get this freebie?” – We can really read minds, it’s a talent. Nope, no newsletter (even though our newsletter is pretty amazing). We’re not trying to sell you anything. We just believe in better content all round. We know not everyone has the time to come up with topics for their blog or craft an epic content calendar like this one, so we’ll do it for you. Sure, if you decide you love us and want us to write your blogs for you then we definitely won’t say no… But we promise there is no catch.

Okay, I want my free content calendar please!

Of course you do! All you need to do is fill in this super quick form – the more information you can give us, the better. However, we’ll do all of our own digging anyway. Give us a day or two to get your personalised content calendar back to you and keep an eye on your spam email folder in case it gets lost. That’s it. Doesn’t that sound so easy?

I want my free content calendar, pretty please

  • Where are we sending your content calendar?
  • We can't build a personalised content calendar without your website address! We'll use this to come up with topic ideas too.
  • Any important dates in your industry? Any company values you want us to add to the content calendar? Any ideas for topics? Let us know here!

    Remember! We won't sign you up to any newsletters or sales funnels. We won't sell your details or swap them for magic beans.



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