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Excuses are great. They get us out of doing things we don’t want to do, like going for dinner around the in-laws or going on another awkward date with the guy who couldn’t stop picking spinach out of his teeth at the table. Throughout our lives, the majority of us have used an excuse to get out of something at least once. If you’re shaking your head, you clearly always handed your homework in on time, and you’re a far better person than me. However, while excuses can get you out of a situation you don’t want to be in, they can also be holding you back – especially if you’re making excuses in relation to your business. The excuses below are just a handful we have heard when people say their businesses doesn’t need a blog, but actually, they are often used in a ton of other situations too. If you’re building a business and are using these excuses, it may be time to stop and consider if you’re holding yourself back.

…I am a success without one, so nerr

So, you’re bringing in a ton of customers from social media and life is good. Right? Cool! However, what if ol’ Mark Zucks decides to change the algorithms again and you’re suddenly seeing much less engagement? What if a competitor joins that networking brunch you made all your money from? What if some data protection law stops you from contacting people…Oh, wait, that one did happen. Ever heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Sure, it’s some crusty old cliche, but it’s very accurate. You don’t have to try every marketing trick in the book, but you should have a plan that encompasses a selection of the best. And, while you may think we’re biased, blogging IS one of the best marketing tricks in the book. We’ll get into the stats about that a bit later on.

…no one cares what I write

Not with that attitude they won’t! Sure, there are millions of blogs being written and uploaded every day, but don’t let that dishearten you. We have already covered this extensively in another blog post, but there are definitely ways to make sure people are reading what you’re writing. The first is to make sure you’re adding value and writing something interesting, the second is to make sure you’re writing it for the right audience, and then, thirdly, you need to share the heck out of it. The first is probably the most important, so ensure you capture the imagination of your target audience by writing something epic. If you write something that people love, they’ll do all of the sharing for you. Free marketing *high-five*

…someone told me blogging is dead

Wah, wah, wah. There is always some “expert” somewhere peddling that something or other is dead and gone. SEO is dead, blog writing is dead, Twitter is dead, networking is dead, and I’m pretty sure it’s all thanks to Millennials who also killed mayonnaise and golf (yep, seriously). So, here are some cold, hard facts about blogging for your business that I spent a long time researching (and reading blogs on – ha, see, blogs):

  • Companies that blog have an average of 55% more visitors than those who don’t. (Hubspot)
  • Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than businesses without blogs. Basically, Google loves ya keen bloggers! (Hubspot)
  • 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles than an advert. (Demand Metric)
  • 70% of consumers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing (Demand Metric)
  • Per dollar spent, content marketing produces three times more leads (Oracle)
  • Content marketing costs between 31-41% less than paid search, meaning more bang for your buck (Oracle)

We could go on and on and on with statistics about why blogging for your business is so great, but that’s time better spent actually trying it for yourself. Be the statistic!

…it’s not something I can afford

This is one of the most common excuses we’ve heard – we feel ya! We’re a small business too, and we know that every single penny counts. It’s the reason we made our content management packages actually affordable, instead of charging £1000s to businesses who simply can’t justify that spend at the moment. Looking at the stats above, however, it’s important to remember that blogging is a return on investment. In the Oracle study we linked above, they talk about content marketing being a long-term effort. The thing is, once you have your blogs on your site, you’ll continue to generate traffic from them. Blogging is no short-term fling; it’s in it for the long haul! We have written blogs for people that are still getting traffic (plus leads and customers) years later. What other marketing tactic just keeps on givin’ like that, huh?! In business, you have to spend money to make money. Ever wondered why we spend so much on Krispy Kremes? It’s because it keeps our team happy. Happy team = epic content. We’re investing in the future growth of our business (and our waistlines).

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why people don’t think their business needs a blog. There are also plenty of excuses we tell ourselves and others when running our business. Sorry, don’t have the time. Sorry, don’t have the funds. Soz, couldn’t give two flying bananas. Whatever you take away from this, and even if you still don’t think you need a business blog, consider those excuses next time you make them. Are you holding yourself back from moving forward?


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