Our Content Services

We work primarily with online magazines, entertainment and lifestyle news outlets, well-known viral sites, and some seriously cool company blogs. Phew! Our style enables us to create written and video content with that shareable edge. Content that builds communities and keeps people coming back for more. How cool is that?! Plus, most of our services you can simply buy off the shelf using our secure online store. No faffing around waiting for quotes – we keep it simple!

Side note:

We’ll put our hands up and say we love sharing our voice, so if formal shmormal is what you want then we’re probably not for you. Now we can put our hands back down, we’ll go through some of the services we provide. Click on each one to learn more or to place your order!

Looking for something else?

We’re also more than happy to put together something bespoke for you! Want something totally unique to you and not off the shelf? We love a challenge! Get in touch below.

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HOT! Video Services

We’re not just about the written content, ya know?! Our incredible video services will help boost your marketing efforts. Pick from a 30-second, 60-second or 90-second video from just £59!

Lightning fast listicles and stories

We specialise in content for online magazines and viral entertainment sites. We can create listicles and slideshows in record timing (even same day), but that’s not all. We ensure our content is moreish, shareable, and within advertiser guidelines. What more could you want?

One-Hour Blog Post

Need something turned around fast? Just want to check us out? Grab yourself a standard blog post which is around 500-600 words, with images. We’ll deliver within the hour. Yep, we really ARE that quick. 

The Whole Shebang

Want to put your feet up and let us manage your content for you? The Whole Shebang Packages include impeccable content for your blog every month, plus a whole host of extras. It’s like having an in-house content team from just £100 a month. Plus, for every blog sold as part of these packages, we donate a book to someone in need via Book Aid International. 

One-Hour News Story

Slightly different to the blog post, as this is shorter and prepped for Google News. Perfect for those trending news stories that you need to cover – quickly! You can order a One-Hour News Story straight from the Trending Topics newsletter, too. 

On-Demand Content

Don’t need all of the extras that The Whole Shebang packages come with? Opt for our On-Demand Content instead! Bulk buy words that can be used however and whenever you want (they never expire). This is the most cost-effective option for those who already have a content manager or editor.