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Do you remember your very first book? How about your favourite book as a child? If you do, then you’ll probably remember the sheer joy you got from turning each page. Whether it was the Harry Potter series (we have a few fans in the office) or you were more of a Judy Blume kinda kid (showing my age there), it’s impossible to forget the books that shaped your life. Growing up in the western world, we’re very fortunate to have excellent access to reading materials. However, what if you grew up never seeing a book in your life? Can you imagine growing up without the stories that captivated you as a kid? Unfortunately, for some places in the world, this is a very real possibility.

Giving back

At Gee Gee Media, we truly believe in giving back, and we knew we wanted to make a difference long before we even came up with the business name. After a lot of head scratching, it became clear that there was one thing that changed all of us working here. Books. We’d all grown up loving books, it’s why we became writers. The thought of people growing up without the sheer joy stories can bring was enough to break our hearts. We knew we had to do something, however small, to help those less fortunate than ourselves gain access to books. Whether they be textbooks for schools or libraries, or story books for homes and health centres, we want to provide a whole host of books to as many people as we can.


That’s where the idea of #BooksForBlogs came and why we decided to choose Book Aid International as our charity of choice. These guys do some seriously awesome work around the world, providing books to people of all ages. Access to books helps men, women and children learn to read, of course, but more than that it gives them the chance to finally understand the joy and escapism of a good book. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire them to become writers too? Now that would be pretty amazing!

How it works

For every blog post purchased as part of our ‘The Whole Shebang’ package, we donate the equivalent of one book to Book Aid International. They then use this to send the next book that libraries and schools desperately need. The money they raise also goes towards training librarians and teachers, as well as setting up school libraries, plus a whole host of other support. So, if you opt for the middle of our three content management packages, the most popular package, you’ll be donating 8 books every single month to those in need. That’s 96 books a year! Not only will you have a blog full of epic content, but you’ll also receive the warm fuzzy feeling that is reserved solely for good deeds. We update our clients every month when their book donation has been made, so you can keep track of just how much good you’re doing in the world.

You can find out more about Book Aid International and all of the hard work they do here.
And if you want to get involved with our Books for Blogs campaign, head over to our ‘The Whole Shebang’ page here.


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