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Where it all began…

A Fresh Idea

Gee Gee Media (formerly known as Grammar Girls) was set up by Bex Spiller who has nearly a decade of experience in the digital media world. Bored of writing same-old content for accountants (sorry, accountants) and insurance companies, Bex decided to branch out and find a niche that would tickle her pickle.

That’s when she landed a contract with a growing ‘viral content’ company – a contract that we have been working on for a whopping four years now! Over the years, our content has been read by hundreds of millions of people. Our aim now is to use all of our knowledge turn company blogs into online magazines, so that small businesses can build a relationship with their visitors. We’ve found that this keeps readers coming back for more, while turning visitors into customers. We have extremely affordable content management packages called ‘The Whole Shebang’ which will help your small business do just that – prices start from just £100 a month for lots of wonderful content goodies.

We also truly love giving back. For every blog post purchased as part of our ‘The Whole Shebang’ packages, we donate one book to someone in need through Book Aid International – we call this #BooksForBlogs. We truly believe in improving the literacy and lives of children around the world, particularly in developing countries – and that’s what Book Aid International aims to do! We want to provide education, memories, and the thrill that only a good book can provide.

Company value no.

01. Epic content that’s lightning fast

We know that what we do is very unique – we’re not like all of the other content companies. Our ability to stay ahead of the current trends means we know what makes people read, share, and click next page. Not only that, but we can do it all in record timing! We pride ourselves in being able to send over immaculate content quicker than you can say, “Meghan Markle’s sassiest outfits.”

Company value no.

02. Positive vibes

We love what we do and it truly comes across in our work. Our voice is fun and light, but we can also be a bit more serious when we need to. We want people to read our content and feel happier, so we’re all about those positive vibes. We won’t talk about which celebs put on weight (shock horror), that just ain’t us! We know we can get people reading and sharing without having to put anyone else down.

Company value no.

03. We bring the fun

We work with a range of different types of business – not just viral sites. Online magazines, entertainment sites, travel blogs, wedding blogs, celebrity news outlets, and company blogs who want to truly engage their readers. If we can inject some real personality and fun into your content – we will. If you’re looking for something super formal, however, we’re probably not going to be your bag.

Quick, professional, thorough and committed. By far the best experience working with outsourced writers. The Gee Gee Media team are really wizards with words.


We have worked with many writers in the past and we can honestly say the quality of work produced by these guys has been by far the best. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again!


So chuffed with the work they did. Went way beyond what I expected ????


Four excellent articles, all very well researched and written. A pleasure to deal with and will be using again.


Fabulous to work with. Great communication! Was able to take my idea and give me exactly what I was looking for in a brilliantly written piece!


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