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We’re Gee Gee Media – A fresh and exciting media company with a focus on lightning-fast written and video content that is full of personality. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment, celebrity, lifestyle, and viral content businesses (to name a few), and our content has reached HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Wowza.

We specialize in working with publications (both online and in print) to create content that improves page views, engagement and profit margins. We work with magazines, newspapers, viral and listicle sites, traffic and advertising arbitrage sites, and many other digital publishing outlets. 

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You’ll never find anyone quite as speedy as us. Our rapid turnaround times mean we are always one step ahead of a trending story. We get a real buzz out of hearing someone say, “Woah, that was quick!” We can research, fact check, write up something ah-ma-zing and finish it off with epic photos or videos quicker than we can finish off a pizza on Deliveroo Fridays. We’re perfect for digital publishers who need written or video content QUICKLY, but that’s not all we do…

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We have been lucky enough to be doing what we really, really love for a long time now. While we pride ourselves on our speed, that’s not all we aim to deliver. We constantly follow the trends to ensure we tick allll of the boxes. There is a reason our content has been read by hundreds of millions. Yeah, we dropped that bombshell again. Wanna know our story? Who we are and what we’re all about? What we actually DO? This obligatory about section is for you then.

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If you’re keen to see how we can bring something fresh and exciting to your publication then you’ll probably want to get in touch. Luckily, this is the digital age and you no longer have to horse and cart it a few hundred (or thousand) miles to chat with us. It can all be done right here. We’re a friendly bunch and we love a chinwag, so drop us a line about anything; from expert advice and content consultations through to last night’s Love Island.

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